Old-Fashioned Smoked Meat Only Available in Montreal

Since Myer Dunn opened his first restaurant in Montreal in 1927, Dunn’s has been offering their remarkably delicious smoked meat to anyone lucky enough to try it. His mouth-watering sandwiches quickly caught the public's attention, and pretty soon Dunn's name and restaurant became synonymous with the best quality smoked meat in Montreal.

Dunn's initial goal to provide the tastiest meats possible was a successful one. To this day, we remain loyal to the same recipe and cooking techniques that he used 88 years ago. All of our sandwiches maintain that distinct smoked flavour. The meat is tender, bold and cooked to perfection with his secret blend of spices.

We prepare our Montreal smoked meat the old-fashioned way by using his unique traditional blend of herbs. First, each beef brisket is marinated for six days to lock in that smoke house flavour, then it is marinated and brined for 14 hours, and steamed to perfection for an additional three. Our specially trained meat cutters hand-slice each piece, carefully choosing the best cuts every time. Every piece of our brisket is prepared with care and patience, to guarantee that trademark flavour and texture we're famous for.

The bottom-line is that tradition is truly at the heart of what we do. That means sticking to Myer Dunn's authentic, old-fashioned family recipe, exactly the way it was originally conceived almost ninety years ago. But, our commitment to quality is more than a recipe. It goes further than that—it's about adopting a philosophy that prioritizes quality above all else. At Dunn's, our philosophy is that there are no quick fixes or cutting corners. That's why when you order a Dunn's smoked meat sandwich, you’ll find that the layers-upon-layers of smoked meat in each sandwich are still stacked as high and thick as they were in the old days. Each and every plate is part of our history and we never forget where we came from!

The next time you're craving that incomparable Dunn's smoked meat in Montreal, come out and try one of our range of smoked meat dishes, from our Dunn's Famous smoked meat poutine to our smoked meat spring rolls, to our classic variety of exceptionally delicious sandwiches.

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