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Dunn’s is a full service, casual dining family owned deli & neighbourhood eatery concept. We offer the finest cured “Old Fashioned Smoked Meat” in the world. Our specially seasoned and aged briskets are hand-carved daily on the premises and served to order. In addition to Smoked Meat, we offer our guests chargrilled burgers, hotdogs and steak, fresh cut fries, our Montreal famous poutines, salads, pizzas, pastas, wraps, soups, desserts, full breakfast and a fully serviced bar.

The Dunn’s corporate team is dedicated to ensuring the success of the Dunn’s franchisees so Dunn’s can become every city’s favorite place for Montreal’s authentic “Old Fashioned Smoked Meat” and so much more.

Our philosophy is simple. We are more interested in working with quality franchise owners then how many franchises we can open.

We are looking to develop a mutually beneficial partnership and encouraging open dialogue between franchisor and franchisee.

We are determined our franchisees achieve financial success and as important, a meaningful and enjoyable way of life.

There is only one way we can expand around the world and that is to help you be successful as a Dunn’s Franchisee.

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Franchising Q & A

Why should I open a Dunn's Restaurant?

At Dunn's we have perfected our own proprietary world famous smoked meat with a solid complementary ancillary menu popular with people of all ages. We have limited to no competition when it comes to offering premium Old Fashion Smoked Meat.

At Dunn's your not buying a job your investing in a business. We offer several revenue streams with the opportunity for 24 hour operations resulting in a quicker return on investment.

At Dunn's we focus on our customer's comfort and offer an Urban Vintage décor that promotes a table d'hote dining experience enjoyed in a warm atmosphere.

Need a quick lunch or running off to the game. From order to table Dunn's has perfected the "Dine and Dash" experience for people on the go.

At Dunn's we can boast 88 years and counting as the go to place for an Urban Deli experience and can offer several retail concepts. We are well suited for locations situated in dense commercial sectors, urban streets, strip malls, power centers and shopping centers with outdoor access.

At Dunn's our food quality is the real secret for our nine decades of success. In order to achieve the Dunn's standard in restaurant services there can be no compromise. We have implemented tried, tested and proven kitchen systems, restaurant operations and ongoing product development.

At Dunn's our ability to create adaptable marketing and advertising plans is one of our greatest asset in conveying to the customer what Dunn's is all about and another important strength to our longevity in the restaurant industry.

At Dunn's we offer a comprehensive training program, direct corporate communication and the stability of a well-established brand and company.

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What if I have no previous entrepreneurial experience?

Dunn’s offers a turn-key solution from the moment you sign on as a franchisee.

We will assist you in:

  • Location search
  • Preparing a marketing and business plan
  • Verification of specific lease clauses
  • Designing your store
  • Ordering equipment and furnishings
  • Training you and your staff
  • Store opening support
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How much will it cost to build-out my store?

It depends on the size of the store, equipment needed for the concept, décor chosen and the existing condition of the premises.

The total investment for an 800 to 3500 square foot space can vary from $150,000 to $800,000 including the franchise fee.

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What is the recommended location size?

The first and most important question is what Dunn’s concept fits your goals and lifestyle best.

Then based on your needs, choose a location that fits the concept.

A sit down restaurant concept with 70 to 150 seats can range from 2000 to 3500 square feet. An express service concept, with or without take out deli counter, can be built starting at 1200 to 1800 square feet depending on seating requirements.

We have adaptable design and menu offering and are open to kiosk, food truck and other non-traditional business models.

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How much is the franchise fee?

The Dunn’s franchise fee

Dunn’s 1927 - $50,000

Dunn’s 2.0 - $35,000

Dunn’s Grab & Go - $20,000

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Is training included as part of the franchise fee?

Yes, an intensive Four Week Training Program is compulsory prior to your Franchise opening at our headquarters in Montreal.

We spend a minimum of one to two weeks with you at your store from your Franchise opening date and we will stay on longer should additional training be deemed necessary by our corporate training team.

The cost of airfare and accommodations while in Montreal is at your own expense. Miscellaneous expenses during that time period are also the responsibility of the franchisee.

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How long is the Franchise Agreement for?

The Franchise Agreement will have a term of ten years, with an available ten-year renewal option.

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How much are the royalty fees?

An annual royalty fee of 5% of your Net Revenue will be paid to the Franchisor.

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How much are the advertising fees?

All franchisees pay into a Marketing/Promotion Fund administered by the franchisor. The fee for this common Marketing/Promotion fund is 2% of your franchise’s annual Gross Revenue. The franchisee is responsible to spend an additional 1% of their annual Gross Revenue on local advertising.

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Who is responsible for finding the location and negotiating the lease?

Dunn’s Famous Head Office will assist the franchisee in identifying a high-potential location that is suitable to both the franchisee and Dunn’s Famous Head Office.

As a franchisee, you are ultimately responsible for the negotiating of the final lease.

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If we don't have a location, will the Company find one for us?

Dunn’s has a broad range of relationships with established Commercial Real Estate Firms in a variety of geographical markets. We are happy to introduce you to our network and help you to find a location.

The company is committed in assisting the franchisee in every way possible in identifying a high-potential location.

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How much profit will I make? What is the ROI?

There are several factors that will contribute to your level of success. The following two are equally important. The location you have chosen to open in and your ability to operate your store.

In accordance with franchise laws, we are unable to provide specific information pertaining to profit or ROI.

Dunn’s will, however, be able to provide you with information on projected expenses and costs that will assist you in developing your own projections for revenue and potential earnings.

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Is financing available?

Dunn’s will assist you with the financing application to a commercial lender or bank. The franchisee is ultimately responsible for providing the required funding to develop the Dunn’s franchise.

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How long will it take to build a Dunn's restaurant?

Once a location is secured, and construction permit issued, it takes approximately.

12-16 weeks for the construction of a Dunn’s 1927 & 2.0 restaurant to be completed.

6 to 8 weeks for the construction of a Dunn’s Grab & Go.

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Where is Dunn's offering franchises?

We are currently franchising in Canada, the USA and internationally.

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Where do I buy equipment and supplies?

All equipment and supplies are purchased from the franchisor’s trusted and approved vendors.

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What are the next steps?

  • 1. Complete our Franchise Inquiry Form and return to Dunn’s
  • 2. Have a Discovery Meeting at our Head Office in Montreal
  • 3. Leave with a signed Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) & Franchise Agreement to review
  • 4. If you choose to move forward, complete a Formal Franchise Application and submit for review
  • 5. Receive applicant approval
  • 6. Receive finalized Franchise Agreement
  • 7. Sign Franchise Agreement with payment of requisite franchise fees
  • 8. Commence activity to develop your Dunn’s franchise location
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The Investment

Our footprint can vary from an 800 square foot “Grab and Go/Counter Service” with limited seating to a 3000 square foot main floor with seating for 120 to 150 people including a full service bar area and deli counter.

Our adaptable design allows us to provide product and services to smaller urban and suburban communities, where there is a growing demand for high quality casual dining, while still capturing traditional “neighbourhood bar and grill” clientele. The smaller footprint also allows us to go into spaces where “big-box casual” doesn’t fit and reduces the cost of capital for construction and start-up, which is appealing to franchisees, investors and owner/operators

There are several Dunn’s concept’s all with varying levels of investment.

Our franchise fee ranges from $30,000 to $50,000 for a single unit. We do offer Multi Unit, Territory and Area Development opportunities for those who possess the knowledge and financial capabilities.

Note: The investment below does not include the franchise fee. ^ Back to Top

Traditional Dunn’s 1927

  • Concept: Full serve dining experience with a menu offering potential for 24H operation
  • Size: 2000 to 3500 square feet
  • Ideally located: Street in downtown core, high traffic residential/commercial suburban strip center, power centers in high density community, enclosed mall with direct outside access
  • The initial investment for a new build out can range from $500,000 to $800,000

Traditional Dunn's 1927 conversion

  • Same operations and suggested locations
  • Initial investment for a retrofit can range from $200,000 to $300,000
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Dunn's 2.0

  • Concept: Fast-casual counter service restaurant with 40 to 80 seats with a shorter menu than a 1927 still offering a 12 to 24 hour operation
  • Size: 1,400 to 2,000 square feet
  • Ideally located: Street in downtown or urban area, high traffic residential/commercial strip mall, power center
  • Initial investment for new build out can range from $350,000 to $450,000

Site Selection

Dunn's is committed to assisting franchisees with the selection of the ideal sites that contribute to the success of the brand. We have relationships with Developers and National Commercial Real Estate Brokers across North America. We will approve only those sites that have the potential to provide franchisees with the opportunity to build their business by maximizing traffic and proportionately their sales volume.

Dunn's will verify only specific clauses of the lease agreement to make sure it meets the necessary requirements to operate under the Dunn’s franchise system.

Dunn’s cannot act as legal counsel in negotiating the terms and conditions of the franchisees lease. We advise our franchisees to work with a competent real estate brokerage firm and or lawyer familiar with negotiation of leases.

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Design and Construction

As a Dunn’s franchisee you will benefit from value added expertise that insures not only efficiency in design and equipment, but also ease in the decision making throughout the store design process.

We will create the ideal store environment for you. Each of our locations incorporates the distinct Dunn’s look. As we move into 2015 our next full service restaurants will boast an Urban Vintage Décor mixing old and new materials. Our goal is to achieve the feeling and experience that you have stepped into an established neighbourhood eatery that has history and warmth.

What are the steps from design to completion of your store construction?

  • 1. Once lease is signed you will engage our designer.
  • 2. They will work with you until final store design approval by us.
  • 3. Engineering drawings will be finalized.
  • 4. You will go out to tender with trades using a general contractor to manage your construction and budget.
  • 5. We will help you coordinate all equipment and small wares purchases.
  • 6. Although it is not mandatory we may visit your location during the construction phase. It is your responsibility to work with our designer and the General Contractor awarded the contract.

Note: In the Province of Quebec and Ontario we offer a Turn Key supervision service for all of the concepts. This is recommended for franchisees that are not available during the design and construction process.

  • For the Dunn’s 1927 concept the supervision services are a minimum of $20,000 or the greater of 5% of the total construction cost.
  • Dunn’s 2.0 concept the supervision services are a minimum $15,000 or the greater of 5% of the total construction cost.
  • Dunn’s Grab & Go concept the supervision services are a minimum of $7,500 or the greater of 5% of the total construction cost.
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People tend to believe marketing and advertising is one and the same. The reality is that they are two distinct departments that work harmoniously together.

Our marketing team is made up of a Marketing Director, Art Director, Graphic Artist, Social Media Expert and Website and SEO specialist.

Dunn’s marketing initiative are to carefully amass a large volume of materials that strategically promote the image of the brand and make sure we are connecting with our key demographic.

The marketing team is responsible for the creation of all advertising materials.

As part of Dunn’s ongoing creative marketing we focus on several mediums these include and are not limited to:

  • 1. Social media – Facebook, Instagram and Twitter updates and offers
  • 2. Our Website – updates and offers
  • 3. Interior and exterior store displays: including but not limited to sandwich boards, flags, TV monitors presentations, video presentations, wall treatments, table toppers, menus, window clings and branded items for purchase.
  • 4. Promotional materials for advertising initiatives.
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Over the last 25 years Dunn’s has created, launched and maintained a presence with the public purchasing local advertising programs that focused on all of the Dunn’s locations.

We have used media such as radio, print, billboards and televised ads.

It is fair to say what was common practice in the use of conventional advertising has drastically changed.

Moving forward Dunn’s is focused on driving awareness and connecting with it’s core demographic using social media platforms, alliances with our retail partners and tying it all together to our website.

Franchisees need to pay the greatest attention to what is happening in their community and have a focused approach to reach customers within a four mile radius. Long before your doors open for business we will meet with you and develop a plan that we call Four Doors, Four Blocks, Four Miles for our Franchisees to execute in their community whether it be the downtown core, high traffic suburban/commercial or urban neighbourhood.

It is the financial responsibility of the franchisee to spend a minimum equivalent of 1% of their gross sales each year on local advertising. As the franchisor it is our goal to offer cost effective marketing and advertising programs that generate continual awareness of the franchisees restaurant.

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Training & Support

Dunn's offers a comprehensive training of your kitchen and serving staff as well as your management team. It is essential for the consistent delivery of quality products and services. Our operation manual and guidelines will provide the information that will enable you to thoroughly know, operate and grow your business.

The franchisee and it’s managerial team will go through a comprehensive four week training program prior to opening that will cover food preparation, customer service, POS systems, ordering, managerial courses and accounting.

During the four week training program prior to opening your Dunn's franchise our training and support team will be in your store for approximately two weeks and then remain for a maximum of two weeks after opening.

Once you are self-sufficient we will continue to provide ongoing operational and systems support.

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